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Let's Go Fly a Kite!

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Let's Go Fly a Kite – A collective call to action for children, young people and their families to make and fly a kite for Cruinniú.

The Design and Crafts Council Ireland have joined forces with Creative Ireland to design a kite that anyone can make at home. All you need is some sticks, some newspaper, some string and a whole lot of imagination. Why not decorate in your county colours, or decorate it with pictures of your favourite pop star? From the 15th May, a series of webinars and videos will guide you and your family through fun ways to make a kite.

Make sure you have a kite ready to take to the skies on 13th June 2020. Hold on tight, Cruinniú is going to be great. On the 28th May at 3pm, a live webinar will start you on the road to making your kite. A further number of videos will guide you and your family through fun ways to make a kite.
• Wednesday June 3 – 1st video live
• Thursday June 4 – 2nd webinar live at 3pm
• Monday June 8 – 2nd video live
• Tuesday 9th & Thursday 11th – 3 & 4th Webinars live at 3pm
• Wednesday June 10th – 3rd video live
• Friday June 12 – Final video live

Donncha’s Two Talented

Donncha’s Two Talented are putting a call out for IRELAND’S MOST TALENTED YOUNGSTERS, AGED 5-11years!

All talents are welcome, whether it be singing, dancing or playing an instrument. 

Closing date for applications is the 7th of June.

Applicants will need a 40 second performance clip to apply (this can filmed simply on a phone). 
For more info contact: 083 1322683 or email:

Sunday, May 24, 2020

25th May, 2020

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Welcome back, girls and boys!

Welcome back once more to a new week of school from home.  Well done on completing the activities last week.  It was so wonderful to get more of your e-mails last week, telling me how you were getting on and to see so many photos of all the work you’ve been doing.

This week will be slightly different, as Maths and Skills workbooks were given out from the school last week, so you will be able to write into the workbooks instead of into a copy.

For our activities this week, remember as always to just do your best and I am very proud of you!

Please e-mail me using the contact box on this page (or sending an e-mail to this address: if you have any problems or questions, or just to tell me how you are getting on.  I can do corrections for you if you take a photo of your work and send it with the e-mail.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mrs. Walsh

YouTube “PE with Joe”  9.00 – 9.30   Live or available afterwards on Youtube     OR  Free choice / Active Blog

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Maths Workbooks
Planet Maths 1st Class – Money p. 153,
Questions 1-3: Look at each piece of food and their price. Add the two prices together.
Questions 4-7: The slice of chocolate cake costs 15c. How many 15c are in 30c? How many times can you add 15c to get 30c? Try this way with questions 5, 6 and 7.

Money p. 154,
A.  Look at what 2 fruits are in each basket.
Number 1, there is a tomato and banana. Look at the fruit above. What price is the tomato? …15c. What price is the banana?...8c. Now you add the 15c+8c=?...23c. Write 23 in the box beside the red basket. Now do the rest all by yourself.

B.  In the first question, you buy an orange.  Look at the box to see how much the orange costs - 12c. Write 12c in the column under the word “cost”.
Next, you have to find out what change you get from 50c. This means that the orange costs 12c but you give the shopkeeper 50c. So he has to give you your change back. To find this out, take away the price of the orange (12c) from the amount of money you give to the shopkeeper (50c). What is 50c-12c? You might like to use your 100 square in your homework diary to help you with this part. 50c-12c=38c. You now know that you will get 38c change from the shopkeeper.  Write 38c in the box under the column “change from 50c”.
Now try the rest by yourself using the same steps.

Mental Maths p. 155, p. 156

Planet Maths 2nd Class – Digital Time

p. 99, p. 100, p. 101, p. 102, p. 103

10 o’clock  =  10:00
Half past 4  =  4.30

60 minutes in an hour, 30 minutes in half an hour (30+30=60)
15 minutes in a quarter of an hour (15+15+15+15=60)

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**Tables for the Week +6, -6
See separate blog with Colourful Posters of Tables (Posted Monday 4th May) or front of Homework Diary.
SESE Small World Workbook

Small World (Magnets) p. 78, p. 79
If you have a fridge magnet, that will be fine for these experiments

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p. 78  “Attracts” means “sticks to”
A prediction is what you think will happen.
Make all of your predictions about which things will be attracted by the magnet.  Then check each one before recording the result: Yes or No.

p. 79  In this experiment, you are going to investigate whether your magnet is strong enough to attract metal through different objects (copy, schoolbag, plate, jumper, ruler, something else that you can choose yourself).  Again, make your guesses first, and then record the results: Yes / No.

There is also a Science lesson on Tuesday’s Home School Hub
RTÉ2 Home School Hub   
Home School Hub   (11.00 – 12.00  or catch-up at any time on RTÉ Player at

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Monday – Art (Botanical Art)
Tuesday – Science (Forces and Friction)
Wednesday – English (The Black Sheep)
Thursday – Gaeilge (Mé Féin agus Mothúcháin)
Friday – Music (Choral Singing)

There are activity sheets at this link, if you would like some extra activities

English Spellings
Spellings: My Spelling Workbook.  Unit 16 Red, Green, Blue and Pink boxes (“ea and ur words” for 1st Class, “ey and le words” for 2nd Class).  Finish Activities p. 70 and p. 71. On Friday, ask a parent to give you a spelling test on those words!

English Reading and Writing – 1st Class
1st Class: Fun at the Circus, Unit 15: Competitions Around the World, pages 55 – 62 (Continue reading from last week)
(These pages were posted on the blog Friday 22nd May)

First Class Skills Book  p.113

A: Colour all words that have “al”  in them yellow, and colour words with “or” in them blue.

B.  Making plurals from words that end in s, x, sh, ch (+es)

p. 114 A. Read p. 58 and p. 59 again.  Fill in the missing steps at numbers 2 and 5.

.B. Complete the title
Circle the items you might need to make a gold medal
Circle the bossy verbs you might use to make a gold medal

p. 115  Write out the procedure fully, using the Plan on p. 114 B
(The pictures will give you clues about what to write)

p. 121  nk and er sounds – Tongue twisters

English Reading and Writing – 2nd Class
2nd Class: Wild Explorers, Unit 16: The Teachers’ Surprise, p. 125 – 134  (Continue reading from last week)
(These pages were posted on the blog Monday  18th May)

Second Class Skills Book  p.121

A: Colour “ei” in each word
B: Fill in the blanks using the words above
C: Colour “o” in each word
D: Ring the correct word in each sentence

p. 122 Tired Words: Words that get used too much in our writing – like “happy” “nice” and “bad”

Match all the words that you could use instead of “Happy” – satisfied, cheerful...

Do the same with all the words we could use instead of “nice” or “bad”

p. 123 Retell the story (using the picture map to help you) to a parent, a pet or a teddy!

p. 124 A. Make a character, using the ideas in the 6 boxes

.B.  Now make the setting for the story: where the story is taking place.  Use the ideas in the 8 boxes

Gaeilge – 1st Class
Bun go Barr 1  p.63

A: Gaeilge: Bun go Barr p.63
D. Cuardach focal – wordsearch. Can you try and read the words going around the word search. There might be 2 new words here for you –
Sparán sounds like [spar-on] and is a purse.
Ciseán sounds like [key-Seán] and is a basket. Did you remember this word from class?
Try and find all the words in the word search! Best of luck.
You can use a different colour for each word you find.

E. Fill in the blanks to complete the 4 sentences.
1. Tá sparán ag Neasa.
Fill in the others yourself.  Colour the pictures

Gaeilge – 2nd  Class
Am don Léamh  p.30  Read the Fógra (notice)
Dúnta = closed, teas = heat, an-fhuar = very cold
Briste = broken

A:  Match words to pictures (in copy)
.B: Answer the questions (in copy)
C.  Write out the sentences and x or tick them to show if they are true or false (in copy)

p. 32  Read “An Ubh Chásca”(The Easter Egg)
Cáisc shona duit = Happy Easter to you
Coinín = rabbit,  uibheacha = eggs,  sásta = happy

p. 33
A.  A. Write out the sentences and x or tick them to show if they are true or false  (in copy)
B.  Draw a picture in each words (in copy)
C.  Answer the questions (in copy)

RTÉ2 Home School Hub Extra
Home School Hub Extra (4.10 or available on catch-up)